Developing an MA Course Structure

Devloping an MA Course Structure


Client:  Media Diversity Institute

Collaboration in developing a segment of the Masters course in ‘Diversity and the Media’.  The highly innovative new course developed by the Media Diversity Institute and the University of Westminster will give students an opportunity to analyse the role of the media in social construction and get a critical understanding of journalistic practices that impact upon these processes.

The course combines a portfolio of theory-based modules aimed at developing critical understanding of the processes of managing - and making sense of - cultural diversity with a number of practice-oriented modules intended to give students first-hand experience in the practice of inclusive journalism.

Drawing upon this unique combination, this course is designed to equip students with the skills to engage in responsible media coverage of diversity, to practice culturally informed and inclusive journalism and to develop a career (whether practical, strategic, or research-based) involving understanding and responding to the challenges of social diversity.