Developing a Communications Plan in Water and Sanitation

Gates Foundation

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Client: Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

In November 2007 Projects-Direct.Net attended a Communications Strategy Seminar in New York on behalf of this Gates Foundation grantee. The one-day workshop reviewed the key tools for NGO communications, including how to use communication smart charts, the message box, and the seven institutional stories. These skills were applied to a situation that each attendeee was currently facing to great effect. NGOs learned how to apply eleavtaor pitches in formal settings. 

In addition Projects-Direct.Net was commnissioned to support the development of new project flyers for donors, as well as re-write project pages for the WSUP website.  

Through this process we were able to help a non-profit company develop new approaches to donors, and the key organisational messages required to achieve those goals.

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