Proposal for Panos South Asia on Climate Change

Raising Climate Change Awareness in Five South Asian countries

Enhancing climate change awareness and understanding amongst journalists in South Asia   March 2012 – March 2014 for Panos South Asia

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Amount awarded to NGO £384,399   ($590,052)              Donor: Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN)

Client: Panos South Asia & Panos London

Overall objective: Increase the South Asian mainstream media’s capacity to play a role engaging their populations and governments in responding to the challenges posed by climate change.

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Specific Objectives:

 1. Increase the capacity of the South Asian mainstream media to produce greater quality and volume of reporting on climate change in a way that includes demand-led stakeholder perspectives

 2. Raise the capacity of national and local media in six South Asian countries to establish climate change agendas


Editors, CEOs and Chairmen deem climate change to be central to mainstream debate in South Asia

Mainstreaming climate change in editorials, news reporting, talk shows

Enhanced advocacy for high impact-low cost interventions for achieving climate compatible development agenda among concerned policy circles

Increased public awareness of climate change issues and national / international policy responses in the developing and emerging economies. 

Greater public accountability of national climate-change negotiators in developing and emerging economies


1. Baseline Survey - Assess media coverage on the issues / tracking national media coverage

2. Editors’ Retreat  -  12 leading mass media organizations debate the central role of climate change, and commit to mainstreaming climate change reporting in their work.

3. Climate Change Fellows Capacity Building:  -  Two regional workshops - Daily support; monitoring and evaluation. Support to ongoing editorial coverage – Story research support

4. Field trips – 24 Journalists witness at first hand the affect of climate change on their region.

5. SACCA Fellowships – South Asia Climate Change  Award fellowship programme integrating 24 print, radio and electronic journalists from India, Bangaldesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bhutan will produce 240 mainstream media reports/programmes on climate change

6. Online Platform - Develop the SACCA website as online resource centre for climate change journalists and editors.

7. Annual Media Excellence Awards SACCAs

8. Sacca Newsletter – Production of a newsletter reaching 3,000 climate change media specialists twice a year.

9. Impact Report - Monitoring and evaluation summary of project impact.