Submission to EC Non-State Actors in Development programme

Proposal to revitalise 26 villages of displaced Nubians in Sudan

Delivering Alternative Education Services through Vocational Training & Restoring Educational Rights in New Halfa

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Client:  Serra Matto Organisation

In 2012 Projects-Direct.Net successfully supported Serra Matto Organization in developing a concept note and full proposal to the EC delegation in Khartoum

European Commission programme: Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development; Actions in partner countries Sudan and South Sudan  

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Amount awarded to NGO €204,243  ($265,107). 

There are two overall objectives of the action:  

  • To revitalize the youth in the 26 villages comprising New Halfa and create an independent youth with a decent future that contributes to society.
  • To educate 420 young men and women in New Halfa who dropped out of the secondary school from between 15 to 25 years old by giving them vocational training.

The Action has five specific objectives: 

  1. Rennovation of the existing Youth Centre and the Industrial & Occupational School in New Halfa
  2. Provide the local market with trained individuals in various occupational trades
  3. Support four educators at the Youth Centre and the Industrial & Occupational School
  4. Strengthen Serra Matto Organization's role with local authorities and community
  5. Contribute to poverty alleviation in Nubian community