Developing a project for EC restricted Call for Proposals: 'The People's Voice' South Sudan

Proposal for a Newspaper of Marginalised Voices in South Sudan

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Clients: Media Diversity Institute and Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) Project details: European Commission: Restricted Call for Proposals (2007-2010)

Concept Note and Full Proposal Submission for budget line 19.04.01 

Reference: EuropeAid/129-074 /L/ACT/SD 

Project Title: The South Sudan Mirror

Amount awarded to NGO €145,000 ($188,210)

The expected results of this project were: 

  • To support South Sudan’s nascent independent media to report on the views and needs of the remote and underrepresented rural communities as a matter of course. 
  • To empower underrepresented groups, tribes and within them - people with disabilities, women workers, rural groups, orphans, IDPs to speak out on issues of concern to them.
  • To promote independent and responsible media. By……..
    • working with South Sudan’s newest media to promote its independence and impartiality, particularly during the electoral processes and contributing to civic and voter education;
    • promoting freedom of expression and information through activities aimed at fostering independent press, broadcasting and unimpeded access to news;
    • supporting the representation and participation of marginalised groups in public life;
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Key activities:

  1. Working with UJOSS to set up a small team to gather rural news stories and train the team in monitoring and interviewing techniques. Training will include Hostile Environments training. This team will develop expertise within in a new newspaper of reporting from rural areas, provide contacts for the newspaper in future and give the newspaper a unique selling point, and advantage over other print media in Sudan.                                                                                                                                                     s sudan tribes
  2. UJOSS produce 8 monthly inserts for one of its new publications, the first independent press in South Sudan. The Sudanese people have little access to information on the problems of ordinary people, especially in rural areas.  The South Sudan Mirror will be a powerful tool in developing regional debate on local issues, and holding those in power to account.
  3. Distribution: The news gathering team will distribute extra copies of the South Sudan Monitor, to the areas where newsgathering has taken place. Distributing newspapers will provide rural communities with a sense of participation in the development of the region.
  4. Right to Reply: Towards the end of the project UJOSS will hold a roundtable discussion in Juba with government officials, who will defend their position in relation to the comments and questions coming from the South Sudan Mirror. The round table will be summarised in the final edition of the newspaper.