Communicating change

cdmEffective change needs timely, appropriate and engaging communication. There are many tools available, but there is no off-the-shelf manual. Each case needs to be considered  on an individual basis. Projects-Direct.Net likes to use smart charts to identify the best method of reaching your audience. It is important to understand if you are introducing, framing or re-framing a debate. You need to identify the main change makers for your message. This process can reveal interesting audiences. For example, grandmothers may the best educators with girls in relation to HIV transmission in some societies, as girls may be less open with their mothers. Some nationally-important political messages may only need to reach a very small circle of advisors who support leading politicians. 

Therefore it is best to think first about who you want to reach, what they need to re-consider and how they may react to new information, and finally what the best medium or combination of media will be to reach that group.

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