Proposal Writing

screenYou may have just an idea, but little time to develop it, or you may know a project in detail but have difficulties in fitting that into a proposal format.

Whatever your problem, Projects-Direct.Net can help with over 15 years experience of writing successful concept notes, full proposals, logframes, risk assements and budgets. 

We have been successful in writing proposals for the following agencies:

European Commission (EIDHR from Brussels and local delegations); US State Department; DFID; UK Foreign Office; SIDA; World Bank; National Endowment for Democracy; Open Society Foundation; Basket donor groups in Africa; CDKN; UNICEF; UNESCO; Big Lottery; US Institute for Peace; Mott Foundation and other foundations

How we operate 

The approach depends on the client. Typically the client makes contact with a donor, or identifies an appropriate funding channel and comes to Projects-Direct.Net with an idea. 

We will then work that idea into a project logframe, and share the first concept with the client. Once the approach is agreed, Projects-Direct.Net will then work on the full concept note; proposal and budget.

A concept note will take one chargeable day to develop.

A concept note, budget and logframe will take three chargeable days to develop.

A full proposal, budget and logframe will take five chargeable days.

This approach is the same whether you only have an idea, or you only know the activities you want to undertake.

The client will sign and submit the final documentation themselves.

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